Bienvenue Patou!

Welcome to Schwittenberg we welcome the traditional Parisian label Patou.

The creative mind behind this traditional French brand is Guillaume Henry, a genius already known from Givenchy, Carven and Nina Ricci. For PATOU, the designer creates prêt-à-porter collections that are always inspired by haute couture and, for all their sophistication, remain very light, delicate and cheerful. Fashion for “real” women from his circle of friends and associates who accompany and inspire the Parisian every day.

Store at Schwittenberg

Guillaume Henry’s creations are only superficially simple. Fashion is for him a very own art of living and always in motion. Elegance, beauty, art and fantasy – Above the collections are always these four concepts, as you can see in the products from our online store:

Frill Volume Buttoned Dress Waist Maxi Dress in White
Collarless Blazer "Double Breasted Jacket" in Black

Editor: Jana Gutsche I Studio C_ Photos: Patou I Schwittenberg