Sportswear Now

Already off the sports field and up on the runways: the new Athleisure Wear! To make the trend suitable for everyday wear, all you need is a few classic counterparts, like blazers or chinos.

The accessories

Here the supreme principle of the style break applies. Example: A sporty cap is accompanied by a sexy boot. This way the look is balanced and grown up.

Navy blue cap "Chamar" virgin wool blend
Lamb leather ankle boot "Adiel" in black
Backpack "Bm212" in khaki

The sporty musthaves

The basis of a successful, sporty look is formed by valuable and “new” interpretations of the jogging suit (now two-tone look), the sweatshirt (now boxy shape and gladly with chunky sleeve solutions) and bomber jackets (now in shortened version).

Sweater "Mindy" in neon pink
Jogging jacket in green
Taupe Farvebe Cropped Bomber Jacket

The classic counterparts

The sporty pieces become fit for everyday life if you wear them separately (not together!) and combine them with more conservative partners. Like cardigan, trench coat and button-down men’s shirt.

Cardigan "Krim" in black
Beige cotton "Arlo" trench coat
Light blue shirt "Curle

Photos: Stefan Grau +++ Production: Jana Gutsche / Studio C_ +++ Glam: Johanna Preisinger