Sweaters & Hoodies

Instant cool and instant casual. Hoodies and sweaters dominate the fashion scene, long before the “corona casualization”. Urban city styles in combination with feminine skirts and classic camel coats are currently in focus. Here are our favorite looks for you compiled from our store:

Hoodies now!

Whether men’s or women’s collection: The color trends are clear! Acid pops, icy pastels or muted earth tones are the three favorites du jour! Also clear: the obvious placement of labels and logos.

Hooded sweater "Isoli" in royal blue
Pink "Worried Cat" Hoodie
Stone Island Hoodie Sweater beige

Sweater now!

All sweaters agree on this: the cut is oversized and ultra comfortable. Only in the presentation you have the choice between quiet restraint or striking artwork.

Sweater in black
Dark brown cotton sweater
Sweater "Thalia" in black

Combis now!

Anything a little unexpected makes the look exciting. So now the sportiness of the sweater goes together with a romantic dress, with a more conservative wool coat or classic suit pants.

Dress "Zehra" in Garnet
Brown mottled coat "Deniro
Pants "Cardamone" in Navy

Photos: Stefan Grau +++ Production: Jana Gutsche / Studio C_ +++ Glam: Johanna Preisinger