The perfect gift ?!

How do you give, what should it be? Something you would like to have yourself? A little thing, but in luxury? Unusual, but happy to be used on a daily basis? Something meaningful and practical? Or something sensual and decadent?

Here we have curated our favorite pieces for you and arranged them thematically.

Luxurious yarn

Strong performance

Cashmere, mohair, wool – warmers in luxury. With this you are actually always right. It looks especially thoughtful when you select niche labels for the gift recipient, like the two Munich brands BALCON PREYSING and STUDIO 163 here.

A little edge, a little more. Chelsea boots and loafers are welcome under the Christmas tree. Why not go for it with more fashion courage and reach for the thick soles, like here with the model for him by DRIES VAN NOTEN.

Jungle Fever

Something unusual? Here you go! We have the most amazing key chains, the ultimate business companions and accessories that you can’t even identify as such in the first place – like the flower brooches from INDRESS…

Signal color

Wallets, perfume, caps – sounds super classic at first, almost boring. It gets a special twist with a really cool color scheme…. Master at it is and remains COMME DES GARCONS!

Beige obsession

Noble at first sight: beige. No color has set greater accents in the fashion world in recent years. Our gift tip: If you have several pieces, just stick to one color scheme – that way you’ll have a “gift theme”. PS: Brand new with us the extravagant candles from HOTEL LIMA STUDIO.

Mens World

The number should be safe, but please in Cool! No problem! Caps with a wink, sneakers with an office chance, drinks you haven’t seen before. Or do you already know the hip grappa called ANTICRISI?

You can find more gift ideas here:

15795 Indress Broche orange
Pink cashmere scarf
Scented candle "Les
Candle "Lost in space" in gray and white
Beige color cashmere socks "Osa
Shawl collar 'Forget me not
Brown bag "Sac Sarah
Cognac colored suede leather gloves "Oreti
Comme des Garçons Wallet SA3100 Super Fluo Line Orange/Yellow
Common Projects Sneaker Achilles 2253 Low Black White Sole
Chain "Paillettes Simple" in gold

Production & Editing: Jana Gutsche / Studio C_

Photos: Christina Kapl