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Boy Smells

Behind the label Boy Smells from Los Angeles are two fashion veterans Matthew Herman and David Kien. Their goal was to make things for everyday use. Thus, in 2016, the label Boy Smells was born in the kitchen at home. Boy Smells are candles that smell wonderfully different and are made in-house. They are made from natural oils and fragrances, natural coconut wax and beeswax. However, it’s not just the unusual scents that appeal to both women and men, but also the modern design of the candles. The candles are poured by hand into a reusable glass jar and labeled by hand. Discover “Kush” the classic with a cannabis note or the more floral and light scent of “Prunus” for Californian flair at home.

  • Boy Smells

    Scented candle “Prunus” with fruity note

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